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Buffalo Ranch Chicken
Mazen Alhwaimel

Buffalo Ranch Chicken

Cajun Jambalaya
James Rice
My favorite Backcountry meal!

This is my favorite backpacking meal. It's got good spice and flavor. Generous with the pork. Shared a bite with someone on a backpacking trip and they said "why go to a restaurant?" Only knock against it is that it's a smaller serving with fewer calories; I think mixing it with some rice or bringing two servings is the way to go to make this a complete meal.

Buffalo Ranch Chicken
Michael Howell

Buffalo Ranch Chicken

Just beef

For those carnivores out there trying to find a backpacking meal…this is it. It might not be the most amazing thing you eat, but it’s quick, easy and won’t upset the stomach. I ate these for 4 nights of my 8 day pack trip (had the beef tacos for the other half) and was perfectly satisfied. I recommend waiting the full 10min if not a little longer since they are thicker chucks of meat. It’s not a meal you will brag about but it does the job. If you have gut issues with most dehydrated meals or you typically eat very clean this brand is for you. When I’m not out on multi day pack trips I follow a strict carnivore diet. This company is the only one I could find who made meals as close to my way of eating. It was a big relief to have a meal that wouldn’t upset my gut for 8 days.

Cajun Jambalaya
kivi poteat

Over powered pepper flavor


Looked at the nutritional facts was a little disappointing.

Beef Tacos
Kerry Goering

Beef Tacos

Beef Tacos
Allen Shiley
Very good taste

I was surprised by the taste and the mouth feel. It's like fresh beef.

Not bad flavor, but the cheese coagulated into a cheese ball, which made it annoying to break apart.

Wow, I’d have to be starving on the trail to eat this. Added the boiling water, zipped closed, and waited closer to 15 minutes, and the chicken pieces were barely re-hydrated. The flavor was good, but the chicken was closer to the side of being shoe leather. Won’t buy this one again.

Really wanted to like this

I was so excited to try all your meals but I ended up getting 4 different ones and all of them sadly had one flaw and that was the meat. The flavors were incredible in all of them, but no matter if I added a little more water or let it sit longer the meat was never fully dehydrated. Maybe I just got a bad batch but other than that the rest of the food was awesome in each of the packs. Thanks!

Pretty good

Spent the week in Big Bend and these all did better around 15-20 minutes as opposed to what the directions will have you believe; to each his own though. Tasted great.

Beef Tacos
NW b.
Tasty backpacking meals

Beef tacos taste great. This is one of the best backpacking meals on the market. It’s definitely a keeper.

This meal tastes better than any other packaged meals I’ve had!

The Summit Sampler

I love that these are low carb. The buffalo ranch chicken is my favourite, but all the others are also delicious!

Cajun Jambalaya
Brandon P.
Not enough flavor

Smells great, just not much taste or substance

Sausage Scramble
Richard F.
Our favorite

Warmed me up on a cold November night at Salt Creek on the GC Tonto Trail. This one’s always in our GC pack.

Deli Roast Beef
Richard F.

I was a bit skeptical of the dehydrated beef. But, with the Mayo added, I found this to have a delightful flavor. The beef was chewy, but, with a set of good teeth, the meal was very satisfying.

Beef Tacos

Super flavorful! Loved it on tortillas. I use just a little less water to avoid soupyness and let it set 2x longer, made instant refried beans and it's a perfect filling dinner tacos.

This one is good but not my favorite but oro ably only because it just doesn't taste like what I've had in TX & LA.

Compared this with 2 other brands and hands down better than the rest. Make exactly as instructed and threw it on tortillas. The eggs were perfect like they were cooked fresh. Made 4 breakfast tacos for a perfect morning start.


The chicken broccoli casserole was my favorite of the three dinners I tried. The texture was great, and the flavors were top notch. It was creamy and delicious! It's so great to have a really good low carb option while backpacking.

Clump of cheese

Flavor is ok. The clump of cheese did not mix in very well.

Beef Tacos

Beef Tacos

The Summit Sampler
Molly Iams
Amazing and fresh

I wanna eat these at home for lazy nights when I want something healthy and easy, but I don't, I save them as a treat for my trips! These are way better than they should be, everything seems so fresh after rehydration.