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Sampler Pack
Paul C.
Perfect Portions

Tasty and perfect portions on this past AT section hike. Five Stars!


I had a jambalaya that I carried around for several hikes but never ate. It got crushed up and squished over many miles. It was amazing this time. Shreddy pork, perfect level of rehydration, so delicious with a packet of coconut oil, I inhaled it.


It was good but was better with alittle salt and pepper

Great way to have a satisfying meal when on a long peddle or paddle.

Very good meal. We will definitely buy more. We found that an extra 5 mins of rehydration time made a big difference with texture. Tastes great!

Beef Tacos
Mark H.

I found this meal very tasty and satisfying, especially on the mountain. For some reason everything tastes better when your backpacking.

Sampler Pack
Dwight B.
Pretty good

Over all they meals have been pretty good for a low carb option. I wish the portion sizes were a little bigger. I’m needing to east two to hit my nutrition goals. I will probably order again and move them into a rotation.

Trail Tested in Kings Canyon National Park (September 2021)

My partner and I ordered a selection of Next Mile meals (Beef Tacos, Steak Omelette, Beef Marinara, and Chicken Broccoli Cassarole) to take with us on our long planned trip to hike in the High Sierras this September. We brought several other brands of dehydrated dinners with us as well. My partner is usually pretty underwhelmed with dehydrated food, but the first night we tried the Next Mile Chicken & Broccoli Casserole, he spent extra time extracting as much as he could from the bottom of the pouch. We both agreed that these were the tastiest, most filling, and healthiest dehydrated meals we have ever had. We routinely eat high protein/low carb and I was really pleased that these meals were very similar to what we would already be eating at home. They were quick to prepare, needing less water and less time than the other brands we had with us. We saved the Beef Tacos until our last night so we could end our trip on a high note! I would highly recommend these to anyone and everyone.

Great food!

Amazing breakfast food, add a little hot sauce for a nice bonus

Too salty

By the end of the meal I could only taste salt.

Sausage Scramble
Daniel G.
Compared to Other Dehydrated Egg Products

I recently tried your egg product, along with those from two other major suppliers of similar products, and yours was the best, by far. Thanks!

Steak Omelette
Donald B.

Steak Omelette

Smell was very unappetizing

I bought a couple packs of different option but unfortunately I tried the broccoli and chicken pack first and didn't feel like eating any of the others. I'm not a picky eater after a day of backpacking, but the smell of the broccoli and the dry texture of the chicken made me lose my appetite. I opted for Happy Cow cheese and salami the rest of the weekend.

Sausage Scramble

Maybe the best !!! more...

I've enjoyed two of the Chicken & Broccoli Casserole meals (eaten directly from the bag, btw) and found them to be tasty and nutritious! The Chicken & Broccoli Casserole are fine as-is but, just for kicks one may enjoy adding pizza pepper, cheese stick, etc to create an even more tasty meal.

Best yet

Typically freeze dried camping meals are OK at best but this particular brand has been great With being diabetic the lowest carb wise. highly recommend.

Another GREAT meal!

Good flavor! Absolutely love these meals!

Steak Omelette
Brian D.
Real Keto Food

I’m pretty hardcore keto because I have significant insulin resistance. I stay under 20 total carbs per day. These meals allow me to do that. And the meal pouches hold a lot of food! I have one for breakfast after I hike for a couple hours, and then have dinner when I’m done setting up my hammock system in the late afternoon. The steak omelette w/ green bell peppers was really good, as are all the meals I tried. Flavors really contrast quite nicely. For the colder temps where I live and backpack (alpine areas of WA State) need to let the water absorb a couple minutes longer than indicated. Soybean oil is inflammatory, but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. These meals are good and WILL help you stay keto successfully including keeping your inflammation down.

Great breakfast!

Great taste and always hits the spot, add a little taco hot sauce for extra flavor!

Deli Roast Beef
Michael K.
The VERY Best!

Every single Next Mile Meals meal that I've tried so far has been AMAZING! NMM will be the cornerstone staple for my Pacific Northwest Trail Thru-hike starting in June 2022. If NMM would add dehydrated cheeses and eggs and heavy cream individually to your line of products, I would need to go absolutely no where else at all for my thru-hiking meal needs! Thank You SO VERY MUCH! Keep up the GREAT work! Mike (trail name Dontry)

Sampler Pack
Jose B.
Outstanding and Tasty Meals

I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised with these meals. I have enjoyed them. This past weekend I had the Jambalaya for dinner and the Sausage Scramble for breakfast. Very filling and delicious. I will definitely be making Next Mile Meals a go to for my backpacking trips.

Best flavor so far

Best flavor so far

Sampler Pack
Chris G.
Best option for low carb

These seem to be by far the best option you can find to stay keto friendly on the trail but I have to say, in my opinion, they are far from amazing to eat. That being said they are not gross and they are a welcome meal at the end of a long day. Just wish they tasted better.

Sampler Pack
Broken Seal

Partially opened with a broken seal on one of the bags. Taste was good

Hi there! So sorry to hear one of the meals may have burst in transit! We certainly do everything we can to get replacements out for damaged meals if you let us know, so shoot us an email at if you ever had an issue again and we’ll do everything we can to get the damaged meal returned and ship a new meal out to you.

Cajun Jambalaya
Dustin B.

Best camp food ever

Little salty

Little less sodium. Seems like every bite is over welded with salt taste. Overall a good product