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Tasty and filling!

I took this meal to the BWCA. I am a gastric surgery patient - this was easily four meals of food for me. Incredibly easy to prepare, mixed well, tasted great. Will definitely buy again.

Steak Omelette
Margaret M.
Very tasty

Satisfying, filling, and tasty for breakfast or dinner.


My favorite so far

Delicious and filling!

Very tasty sausage scramble with decent sized egg curds studded with plenty of sausage bits. Very filling! I would have given five stars, but some of the larger pieces of egg were a little dry/not fully hydrated after soaking for the 10 minutes the instructions advised. I will buy more and will experiment with allowing a few more minutes soak time and possibly adding a tablespoon or so more water. Overall, a very satisfying meal that will be a welcome addition to my backpacking menus.

Very good and satisfying

This was an excellent trail meal. It tasted like…chicken, broccoli, and cheese. Some of the chicken pieces had not fully hydrated even after letting it sit the maximum recommended time, but this is pretty much my universal experience with freeze-dried at ~11k ft altitude. Recommended

Ordering more of this immediately

Bland chicken dinner

Unlike other meals I was very disappointed with the chicken and broccoli dinner.
No real flavor not something I can recommend

Sausage Scramble
Donald M.
Wonderful Breakfast Scramble

The breakfast scramble is delicious and filling, but not too much. Really enjoyed this and will buy again.

Parent test kid approved!

My family loves theses meals! I was worried about finding something everyone would like and next mile didn’t disappoint! Heathy and tasty my 9 year old wants these all the time now!


I love backpacking, but carb heavy backpacker meals from other providers were leaving me wondering about better options. Then you guys came along and gave me many great tasting options. My husband and I have loved ever single meal we have tried so far! And, Italian meatballs and Buffalo style ranch chicken - OMG!!! Please tell me you’ll have these back on your menu sometime soon?! Your meals are tasty and leave me feeling satisfied every time. Thank you!

Great breakfast!

Always on the hunt for pork free backpacking breakfasts with eggs! Thank you for this recipe, it was great! Would definitely buy again.

Very nice to have real veggies.

This meal had a great flavor and the broccoli rehydrated well. I added more water than it called for and it became basically chicken broccoli soup.

Way off the mark

Hailing from south Louisiana I had low expectations and high hopes for this meal. Unfortunately, it did not live up to either. The meal badly needed salt and spice and the meat had a distinct freezer burnt taste to it. I'm glad I tried this one at home before I was stuck on trail with it.

I liked the flavor of this one. Even with rolling boil water I found it needed 15 min of soak time to soften all the pieces. Otherwise it was great

Chicken & Broccoli Casserole

Pretty tasty for trail food. Would order again. Takes a bit longer to rehydrate in higher elevations. Ate it at 11,200 ft.

Sausage Scramble

I love these except for the nasty soybean oil in the ingredients. Would love it and even pay more if the ingredients could be cleaned up to no included inflammatory PUFAs.

Hi Ryan. Thanks for the feedback! Over the years we've updated our recipes to be more and more clean. That being said, what makes our eggs better than anything else on the market is, alas, the soybean oil as it is the only thing that can keep eggs fluffy when they've been frozen and rehydrated. It's a negligible amount (less than 1/10 of 1% of the meal), but we do disclose it up front so that customer can make informed decisions before purchasing. Check out the ingredients list of our other meals before placing your next order so that you can find a recipe that better meets your needs. Happy hiking!

Good food

Finally someone made a freeze dried meal in a pouch that isn't two times bigger than it needs to be. Also a cooking instructions that doesn't have the meal floating in way too much water. Flavor was good as well.

Sausage scramble and steak omelette

Both meals were perfect. Tasted great and you were looking for more. It’s that good

Great when its put together properly

I ordered 5-6 of these. The first one I tried was so fantastic I was ready to give the meal a full 5 star review. The cheese was wonderful and melty, the tomato savory and the beef/veggie ratio was perfect. However, the subsequent 3 were put together incorrectly. First they were missing the Oxygen biggie...but second - they had no Tomato or spices (read: Marinara) on them. The meals consisted only of the freeze-dried beef and zucchini. I made do on the trail, but was disappointed. This is a quality control issue more than a food as-it should be issue, but just wanted to inform y'all of my experience.

Hi Boris, we're so sorry to hear about your less-than-stellar experience. The issue you're describing is certainly unheard of for our product and we want to make it right. Please reach out to and we'll do what we can to fix this issue. Happy hiking!

My Favorite

The flavor of the Buffalo Ranch is always a treat in the backcountry and at elevation. I have found I need to let it rehydrate longer at elevation however.

I wanted to like it

Maybe I just messed it up. However, I had to make myself eat it because it was what I had on hand that day. The meat was tough and I there was a weird metallic aftertaste. Maybe I got a bad meal.

Hi Chris, we appreciate the feedback! In our next round, the pork pieces will be smaller so they rehydrate better. We were excited to launch this item with it's hefty pieces of meat, but in some environments it has some rehydration issues so we're updating it as we speak! Thanks again. - The Next Mile Meals team

Deli Roast Beef

Really enjoyed it

yummy, satisfying

Thrilled to find keto backpack meals! Though I usually go even lower on the carbs these are in a good range, and my body will tolerate them. Creamy and satisfying hot meal after a long day, and no rashes or headaches from way toooo many carbs!