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Trip had to be cancelled for lack of water! Will respond after the next trip. Thanks!

Gourmet on the trail!!

The best!! Soooo yummmy!
Thank you!

Flavor I was hoping for just wasn’t there. It was edible.


There was a strange smell and weird after taste. Not horrible but likely won't purchase this one again


I can't believe how great the Cajun Jambalaya is! Trying to stay Keto when I'm out backpacking has always been a challenge and I was getting tired of just the same old staple keto friendly foods day in and day out. All of the Next Mile Meals are delicious and hit the spot after a long day or hiking or first thing in the morning on trail with my coffee. I can't wait to see what they come out with next!


I ended up having this for dinner instead of breakfast, and it's definitely one of the best backpacking meals I've had! SO flavorful and satisfying after a long day of hiking. I only wish it came in a bigger size - it is a little light for a full meal though and I'd love a larger version!

Salty but good

Reduce the salt. We can always add more. Taste good. Needs less salt

Who knows when it will be delivered

Next Mile shipped using DHL and USPS. I’ve been waiting for a month since it was shipped. I would pay for shipping using UPS if it was offered .

Hi Kevin! My apologies that your order hasn't arrived yet. While the method of shipping you chose (10-15+ Business Days) is a popular choice due to its lower cost, it does look like your order may be taking a few extra days to arrive. Please send us an email at and we can look into what's happening, as these types of delivery delays are very rare and we want to help in any way we can.

Cajun yummy Jambalaya

My Packs got here fast and they were delicious on our 3 day hike. Highly recommend.

Generally Good

I ordered 3 meals for a recent trip including the Buffalo Chicken Ranch, Chicken and Broccoli, and the Cajun Jambalaya. They were all tasty and filling after a long day on the trail. I expected a little more spice from the Buffalo Chicken and Cajun Jambalaya. Nothing wrong with them and I'd order again, but they'd be better if the flavor was amped up a little more.

Buffalo Ranch Chicken


Great way to start my day! Delicious and gave me the energy to complete my 18 mile adventure!


After 13 miles - dinner was a welcomed treat!

My new go to

Really challenging to find good options for my keto lifestyle in the freeze dried food space. This was a terrific tasting meal!! Highly recommend.


Love these meals, wish they were available more places. I’ve enjoyed every flavor.

I would purchase again!

Yum yum. Needs less salt

Needs less salt. We can always add. Test great.

hearty and tasty

this was a very tasty meal. plenty of food and they dont skimp on the chicken. i would have given it a couple more minutes to cook than the package says because of the broccoli though. all in all I would bring these again.

Way too much protein for keto

Because there is way too much protein in this meal, I’m unable to eat all of it. The body should only have 25 grams of protein a meal. Anything more is wasted.

Was great

Used them this weekend! Was so happy with it! Great tasting!

Chicken needs love

This meal is decent. It honestly needs some simple black pepper and a little garlic. Compared to the other meals it could use some flavor love!!

Great Meal!

I was actually pretty impress with the flavor and portion amount. Great meal overall.

Both meals I had were good, my complaint isn’t with the food, I ordered from 4 different companies and Next Meal was the only one who couldn’t deliver in a timely fashion, now I will say that is because they are doing brisk sales, I don’t know for certain, but it took weeks to get here, would I order from them again , perhaps!!

Best low carb backpack meal

Finally a backpack meal that’s not full of rice & potatoes. Looks good, Taste good. If they could lower the salt content I would give it 5 stars