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Beef Tacos
Brenda N.S. (Las Vegas, NV)
So nourishing! Hits the spot!

My fav of all these meals. Hit the spot on a hot summer trek into Havasupai Falls. Sometimes I want to camp in my backyard just so I can eat one haha

Sampler Pack
Michael C. (Morristown, TN)

Being a lower carb adventurist, finding Next Mile Meals was a huge deal for me. Every single flavor is delicious. This is the second Boundary Waters trip where I have used NMM as meal options. I will continue to use your company for as long as I need backpacking meals. Excellent product and service.

Italian Beef Marinara
A. (Lewisville, NC)

These meals are considerably smaller than they were 2 or so years ago. Quality is not as good in my opinion. More filler veggies than fat and protein. I’ve been a victim of shrinkflation! They are barely a decent serving now. The price however has increased. I love the taste of these meals but they are not worth the price any longer. I’m sorry for the bad review but this was barely enough to fill up my 9 year old. The bags in all the ads are the larger original bags see the pictures to show the real bag size…so long next mile miles ☹️

Hey there! Our meal sizes haven't changed over the years so I'd love to find out more if there was a one-off issue with a particular item. We haven't had any issues reported by other customers, but we always want to get to the heart of the issue. Reach out to with more details (which recipe, order #, etc...) and we can look into it!

Italian Beef Marinara
William M. (Spring, TX)
Testing Meals

I recently did a RTR hike in the Grand Canyon with my son. I eat a Keto diet normally and was ill equipped to do keto food for us both so shifted to a high carb diet while on trip. Mistake as my body just could not accommodate the new regime quickly enough to supply energy needs from carbs all of the sudden. so I have been testing these at home and using to see how I like them. All of the meals have been excellent. I even noticed that the packaging is lighter than most packs. I usually dispense with original PKG and put in freezer ziplock to save weight. Seems that these are almost same weight as zip locks and compress down similarly for packing in bear can. great meals.I won't do another trip without these meals. Definitely a game changer.

Sampler Pack
Deano B. (Denver, CO)
280 miles on Rock Island & Katy Trail

I used these last week for a thru gravel bike ride as my main meals along with a few bars. I’m a diabetic so I eat low carb and monitor my BG levels. These meals make it easier to keep it all balanced.

Sampler Pack
Shawn G. (Philmont, NY)
Sampler pack

We loved the Next Mile Meals. Every meal Was great. It Mave our trip to have delicious clean burning food every day. We will definitely be taking Next Mile Meals on all of our back country adventures?

Beef Tacos
Michael B. (Denver, CO)
Exceptional taste

After backpacking all day in Yellowstone, the Beef Tacos dinner was right up there with the views.

Steak Omelette
Walhalla H.a.O. (Walhalla, SC)
It’s amazing

I ate the steak Omelette on a bike pack trip from Harpers ferry West Virginia to Washington DC it was delicious and gave me the fuel I needed for the day

Sampler Pack (Grass Valley, CA)
Loved the meals!

I broke these meals down in half as the protein went over my limit for each day. I was never hungry on my 7 day hike on the JMT and was able to stay completely keto thanks to Next Mile Meals.

Beef Tacos
Jody G. (Colorado Springs, CO)
Great backpacking tacos

I brought some street taco tortillas and added the beef tacos w veggies to it. This has great flavor and love that it is low carb

Italian Beef Marinara
Carla T. (Portland, OR)
Just like a home cooked meal

I love the Italian Marinara...especially that I can have veggies while out backpacking! This is a necessary dinner for me when adventuring.

Sampler Pack
Craig S. (Newark, NJ)
James Beard Chef says, “Outstanding!”

Chef Craig Shelton eats Next Mile Meals on the Appalachian Trail and says, “Quantum leaps better than anything else out there that I have ever tried.” Hope you move into 100% grass-fed beef and 100% grass-fed dairy soon!

Buffalo Ranch Chicken
J.S. (Stockton, CA)
I'm in love

The Buffalo Ranch Chicken is my favorite meal so far. I had the taco, the broccoli and the coconut chicken. ALL are good but the Buffalo Ranch Chicken is my favorite! Just the right amount of hot flavor with little spice. And with me being on a keto diet, I can go adventuring and not worry about getting out of ketosis with this low carb meal. Love this meal and appreciate this company.

Beef Tacos
William H. (Oroville, WA)
Beef tacos

Picture this: you’re in the Pasayten, mid May, it’s 20f and the wind is howling. You just set up your hammock and finished filtering water 15’ down steam from a pile of moose turds. At this moment everything sucks, except for the beef tacos I got from Next Mile. Hogged it down with some low carb tortillas. 10/10. Will definitely eat it again.

Buffalo Ranch Chicken
Lauryl T. (Tallahassee, FL) my experience was so awesome!

I am a "Keto" eater and backpacker. This time I was looking for an option that was little or no effort (on my part) and good healthy food that met my nutritional requirements. I was blown away by all three of my Next Mile Meals choices! After backpacking nearly 18 miles per day, my easy to make dinner meal was so good!!! It was as good as if I prepared fresh at home...maybe better! So happy to have discovered this option!!!

Sampler Pack
D.M. (Los Alamitos, CA)

I loved the breakfast ones. I had to add pepper and hot sauce but I do that to all my meals. Both the steak and the sausage meal tasted amazing. So I ordered the sampler pack to see how they are.

The stock is usually low so my suggestion is to order a lot to have in stock at home to ensure you have them when you need them.

Chicken & Broccoli Casserole
Bigmixup99 (Stockbridge, GA)
First time for everything!!!

First ever Next Mile meal to try. First time on the Appalachian Trail for an overnight camping trip. First time hiking the AT since weight loss surgery. It was cold 🥶 and windy and the Chicken & Broccoli Casserole did not disappoint!!!! Full of flavor and amazing. Great for that cold windy night for a warm me up meal. I have to eat low carb and high protein and sometimes very skeptical, but no doubt can’t wait until the next trip in a couple weeks to try some others and will definitely be buying more! Super excited to try the beef tacos when y’all’s new kitchen gets finished 😜😜.

Italian Beef Marinara
Jen P. (Winter Park, FL)
Savory and delicious

That is a bag full of YUM! I took this on an overnight backpacking trip and it was delicious! It was cheesy and meaty, exactly the way I like it. Great flavor profile! Well done NMM!!

Coconut Chicken Curry
Christopher S. (Tampa, FL)
Coconut chicken Curry

I ook three different products from Next Mile Meals on a week long paddling trip to the Everglades National Park. I’ve been hiking and paddling in the backcountry for about 25 years now, and I usually rely on dehydrated meals. Next Mile Meals are unlike any of the other brands out there, and I’ve probably had a hundred different meals from all of the major brands. They really do taste like something you’d make at home.

Beef Tacos
Bettina Q. (Columbus, GA)
Best Meals Around

I have been eating Keto/NSNG for a couple years and was looking for options for a recent section hike that supports my eating style. The Next Mile Meals did not disappoint. I had the Beef Taco, Italian Beef Marinara, and Deli Roast Beef. I had to cut my trip short due to severe weather, but looking forward to trying the chicken options next. You really don’t need carbs. 😁

Sampler Pack
Paul C. (Summerville, SC)
Perfect Portions

Tasty and perfect portions on this past AT section hike. Five Stars!

Steak Omelette
Brian D.
Real Keto Food

I’m pretty hardcore keto because I have significant insulin resistance. I stay under 20 total carbs per day. These meals allow me to do that. And the meal pouches hold a lot of food! I have one for breakfast after I hike for a couple hours, and then have dinner when I’m done setting up my hammock system in the late afternoon. The steak omelette w/ green bell peppers was really good, as are all the meals I tried. Flavors really contrast quite nicely. For the colder temps where I live and backpack (alpine areas of WA State) need to let the water absorb a couple minutes longer than indicated. Soybean oil is inflammatory, but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. These meals are good and WILL help you stay keto successfully including keeping your inflammation down.

Deli Roast Beef
Michael K. (Los Angeles, CA)
The VERY Best!

Every single Next Mile Meals meal that I've tried so far has been AMAZING! NMM will be the cornerstone staple for my Pacific Northwest Trail Thru-hike starting in June 2022. If NMM would add dehydrated cheeses and eggs and heavy cream individually to your line of products, I would need to go absolutely no where else at all for my thru-hiking meal needs! Thank You SO VERY MUCH! Keep up the GREAT work! Mike (trail name Dontry)

Italian Beef Marinara
Randy S. (Griffin, GA)
The Absolute Best of the Best

Of all the Next Mile Meals, Italian Beef Marinara is the one I look for when it’s time to eat. Growing up in Alaska, my dad would bring WW2 C-Rations along when we would go hunting. We kids (4 boys) would open the boxes and trade whatever we had with each other. The best was Plum Pudding (canned). I still remember the great feeling 61 years ago to score a can of plum pudding. It was awesome as an 11 year old! I feel the same way now, at 71, bird hunting in the wilds, when I pull out a meal of Italian Beef Marinara for lunch. I just know the day can’t get any better!

Steak Omelette
Harriett L. (Anaheim, CA)

Finally a great egg meal for the backcountry. The healthy ingredients will make me come back for more.!