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Steak Omelette

Steak Omelette

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Breakfast is the most important backpacking meal of the day, which is why our Steak Omelette with Green Bell Peppers is made with the right balance of healthy fats and proteins to get you up and onto the trail first as fast (and as enjoyably) as possible. Scrambled eggs, diced green peppers, chopped beef, seasoned perfectly for a mile-high morning.

Nutrition Summary

Nutrition Facts


freeze-dried eggs (whole eggs, non-fat milk, soybean oil, modified food starch, salt, xanthan gum, citric acid, butter flavor, pepper), freeze-dried cheddar cheese (pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes, annatto [vegetable color]), freeze-dried diced beef (cooked beef dices, salt), freeze-dried green bell pepper, salt, granulated onion, black pepper

How To Make

Tear open pouch at notch and remove oxygen absorber

Bring 6–7 oz of water to a boil and pour into pouch until contents are submerged (but not swimming)

Stir contents, seal, and let your meal rehydrate for 7–10 minutes (use caution: bag can get very hot)

Open bag, stir again, and enjoy!

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  • Icon indicating this product is high in protein

    Packed with Protein

    We packed a whopping 42g of protein into every pouch.

  • Icon indicating this product is a keto friendly backpacking meal

    Keto Friendly

    Only 5 Net Carbs per serving.

  • Icon indicating this product has eggs

    Real Eggs

    You'll never have another backcountry breakfast that tastes as light and fluffy as ours do.

  • Icon indicating this product is made in small batches

    Made with Love

    Each meal is handmade in our Oregon kitchen facility by our small team of backpackers and hikers.

  • Icon indicating this product require minimal water

    Minimal Water

    You just need a few ounces to rehydrate this meal, keeping your carry light and your pack efficient.

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What our Customers Are Saying

Customer Reviews

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Walhalla H.a.O. (Walhalla, SC)
It’s amazing

I ate the steak Omelette on a bike pack trip from Harpers ferry West Virginia to Washington DC it was delicious and gave me the fuel I needed for the day

Brian D.
Real Keto Food

I’m pretty hardcore keto because I have significant insulin resistance. I stay under 20 total carbs per day. These meals allow me to do that. And the meal pouches hold a lot of food! I have one for breakfast after I hike for a couple hours, and then have dinner when I’m done setting up my hammock system in the late afternoon. The steak omelette w/ green bell peppers was really good, as are all the meals I tried. Flavors really contrast quite nicely. For the colder temps where I live and backpack (alpine areas of WA State) need to let the water absorb a couple minutes longer than indicated. Soybean oil is inflammatory, but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. These meals are good and WILL help you stay keto successfully including keeping your inflammation down.

Harriett L. (Anaheim, CA)

Finally a great egg meal for the backcountry. The healthy ingredients will make me come back for more.!

Ondmtn (Daly City, CA)
Excited to find a low carb, great tasting Trail food

Can't recall which trail food review website I was on, but it lead me to Next Mile. Placed an order for an upcoming trip and received my order. - Thank you. I created my own sampler, getting 2 each of 4 of Beef Taco, Sausage Omelet, Steak Omelet and Italian Beef Marinara. Plan is to eat these with low carb tortillas providing a few extra calories and help fill me up. Did a test run at home with the Steak Omelet. Fluffy eggs, amazing. Cheese and Peppers you can taste, wow. If all of the meals turn out like this one, I am going to be a happy camper. Contents of this meal, after being re-hydrated, make two large tacos (see pic - this taco has half the meal). I am carrying packets of Tapatio hot sauce to go along with the Omelet and Taco meals. Not sure I will take the Beef Marinara on this trip. Only need 3 for dinners. Doing cold breakfast, so I do not have as much to do/clean to get out of camp each morning.

Susannah G. (Medford, OR)

Great way to start my day! Delicious and gave me the energy to complete my 18 mile adventure!