Our Story

Ketogenically backpacking the pct

When Jessie decided to hike the Pacific Crest Trail in 2017, figuring out food was her biggest logistical challenge. “Can I eat keto and do the hike?” Designing and creating these meals was her answer to that. After a few weeks of eating them day after day, she surprised herself when she realized, “These are better than what everyone else is eating, and people keep asking if I have any extras to share with them.”

These meals have stood up to the ultimate taste test: could you eat the same six dinners, day after day, week after week, for five months?

We’ve chosen our favorite recipes, tweaked the spices, and experimented with new packaging. We’re ready to pack these meals up and ship them to you so you can get your outdoor adventures under way. With these in your bag, you can look forward to eating the best backpacking and camping food available.

What makes us different?


Most conventional meal manufacturers use cheap carbs like rice and pasta to pad their profits; an ingredient that only costs them 5 cents, they'll charge you $7. Our meals only use the highest-quality meats, vegetables, and cheeses. These ingredients cost more, but give you a much better (and healthier... and tastier...) bang for your buck. Many of our carb-eating customers love that they can add their own (inexpensive) rice and ramen to each bag, which brings the cost per serving (not to mention the cost per calorie) far far lower than the "other" meals you can find in a store.


We're a small family-run business based in the US (Oregon!). We aren't some faceless, international corporation; our founder reads nearly every email and review we get and we take every bit of feedback under consideration. In a time when it seems like companies care less and less about customers and more and more about the bottom line, it's important to us to maintain that connection with the folks that support us, so we can continue to support them.

Making backpacking meals