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How do I make these Meals?

  • Open the top of the bag

  • Take out oxygen absorbers and any sauce packets (included in some meals: ranch dressing, hot sauce, etc…)

  • Bring 1.5–2 cups of water to a near-boil (this is 350–450 mL, so if you're using a Snow Peak or Toaks mug, fill ⅔ of it up)

  • Pour hot (but not boiling!) water into the bag until all of the ingredients are just submerged. (The amount of water needed varies from meal to meal, so this may not use all your hot water.)

  • Stir the food with a long spoon or knife (careful, the bags can get hot!), seal the top, and set it aside for 5-6 mins.

  • Open, add the optional sauce packets, and stir until well‑mixed.

  • Enjoy!

How many servings per meal?

Our serving size is labeled as "1 serving per container" because that's how we ate it while thru-hiking, but these meals can be easily split between multiple people. For instance, you can share our Roast Beef Sandwich with a friend, each of you with a low carb wrap, and dinner will be 3 net carbs and 352 calories per person. However, we're betting you won't want to share 😉.

What is the shelf life?

The shelf life of our meals is 1+ years if unopened and kept in a cool/dark place (likely many years longer as each ingredient keeps for up to 10 years but we've never tested beyond that, too new as a company!). The included packets (ranch, mayo, etc...) have a manufacturer stated shelf life of 180 days so just make sure to test any condiments before putting them on your meal if you hold onto them longer than that.

If I'm Thru-Hiking, How can I increase the calories?

Most hikers and outdoor adventurers will be just fine with 600‑700 calories per meal, but thru-hikers need a bit more to feed the #hikerhunger. As our caloric needs ramped up around mile 300, we started adding extra calories to our meals by way of olive oil and butter powder. Pro‑tip from the trail: the plastic bottles of baby oil you find in the travel section of your local drug store are GREAT for carrying olive oil in your bag without leaks.


Why are the meals $14?

Open your nearest bag of traditional hiking food. You know, the ones with the smiling people and the mountain vista and the warm fire and the oh, what's that? Most of the bag is filled with noodles? Or rice? Or potato flakes? Where's the meat?

Carbs are cheap, which is why most camping food manufacturers dump inexpensive pasta or grain into their meals, keeping their cost low and their profit high. Next Mile Meals are 100% keto, meaning none of our ingredients are cheap shortcuts. Our meals are full of meat, veggies, and cheese, which increases the cost but keeps you full and fueled up and is a great value. As we continue to grow and scale, we expect this price to come down; our mission is to make all of your outdoor adventures achievable on keto, and that means affordability is our goal.

What if I'm not Ketogenic/paleo/low carb? Can I still eat these?

We made the meals because Jessie needed to hike keto, but we made the company because everyone she met on the trail that tried her recipes asked "Where can we buy these??" Hikers should always seek better options than the processed, sugar‑laden, carb‑loaded meals currently out there. These meals are for everyone; we don't judge if your tortillas aren't low carb. #hyoh