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(for non-keto hikers!)

Ready to break away from the dehydrated rice and beans? 
Tired of the processed carbs and starches you typically find in stores?
Craving great-tasting meals that use healthy ingredients and carefully crafted spice flavors?

Our ketogenic backpacking meals offer day-to-day variety while still allowing you to keep to your macros and nutrition goals, whether you’re camping with friends or tackling a thru-hike.

Not keto? 
Thousands of our carb-loving customers are NOT keto and still think we're the best thing since... sliced bread 😉. Our meals on their own (or with instant rice or pasta) are designed to impress.

Or Choose Your New Favorites:

a before and after of a thru hiker

Made for backpackers, by backpackers

We know Next Mile Meals are the best choice to fuel your adventures because we not only "talk the talk", but we "walked the walk".

Well, "hiked the hike".

We designed each freeze-dried recipe and healthy backpacking meal for ourselves first, to help us tackle our own dreams of thru-hiking the 2600+ mile Pacific Crest Trail; a hike that challenged the conventional hiker diet of carbs and candy. 

Trust us, these meals are game changers. And they're only the beginning.

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