What's new in 2020 - Next Mile Meals

What's new in 2020

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There are some exciting changes afoot at Next Mile Meals.

Some of the changes you'll see on our site and in your mailbox are simply new names for the same great meals. The ingredients and contents are exactly the same, but for various (and somewhat hilarious) reasons, we've needed to tweak a few names as we upgrade our facilities and undergo the next level inspection required to eventually make Next Mile Meals available in stores!

Other changes are a bit more of a re-launch, as we continue to seek out healthier and cleaner ingredients for our products.

Check out the changes below (and tell us what you think!)


Backpacking Meal Steak omelette

We learned that product names that contain places (like "Denver") are more regulated when online products move into physical stores. Unless our product is literally made in the Mile High City (which it isn't, unless our kitchen in California suddenly gains a few thousand feet of elevation), the title is quite restricted. Thus, we've renamed our Denver Omelette to Steak Omelette, still illustrating the amazing flavors you get with this breakfast bonanza (without confusing anyone geographically).

Backpacking Meal Italian Marinara

Similarly, our Italian Meatball created quite a naming conundrum as [1] we do not make this meal literally in Italy (though we tried to pitch a European vacation as a "business research expense") and [2] this meal is not literally in the shape of a ball… ಠ_ಠ . In our thousands of customer orders and amazing reviews, not a one mentions a sadness that our most-popular deconstructed meatball-esque meal isn't literally orb-shaped. But, alas, these are the new rules we need to play by. So, we give you — our Italian Style Beef Marinara! Same great taste, less-fun-but-more-accurate name.


Whether you've been a fan since our very first pre-order (we love you!), or just found us recently, one thing that we hope you know is that we take customer feedback VERY seriously. And, as a small, nimble business, we can make changes to our products to directly incorporate that feedback much faster than the big dogs in our industry.

Backpacking Meal Chicken Curry

And that, my friends, is how Coconut Chicken Curry got its veg on. You asked, we listened. Our spicy-yet-approachable fan favorite is now chock full of delicious curried vegetables such as yellow and red bell peppers as well as savory broccoli. As we added more ingredients, we removed the slivered almonds to make this meal more accessible to folks with nut allergies; we'll miss the crunch but we're really excited with how this overall recipe turned out (and the curry spices and sauce haven't changed a bit!)

Backpacking Meal Buffalo Ranch

We won't even go into how our Buffalo Ranch Chicken isn't literally made in Buffalo, NY (another geographic naming regulation), but one of the repeated points of feedback we heard was wishing for a healthier ranch packet. Alas, there was none to be found. The ones made with avocado oil spoiled too quickly for a shelf-stable meal, and the ones that were shelf stable had unpopular oils like soy and canola. So, we made our own! We created our own custom ranch sauce blend and had it powderized, which also means you're carrying less weight per pouch! Our new Buffalo Style Ranch Chicken meal is now lighter, more calorically dense, and tastes like a Buffalo wing from (not) Buffalo, New York.

Backpacking Meal Mystery


Every year we've launched new recipes to our lineup, and this summer is no different. We are SO excited to release our newest dinner recipe… but not today 😉

We're putting the final touches on this backcountry feast and will be announcing it on our instagram channel in early July (with some discount codes to be the first to try), so make sure to head over there and follow us!



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Any update on the new entree? I don’t have nor want an Instagram account.

Josh H

I purchased the sampler with additional breakfast meals for a 5 day hike in the Canadian Rockies. Although the price was a bit higher for Canadian currency exchange Next Mile assisted in cutting some of the costs by not shipping via UPS which would have dinged me for higher import fees (greatly appreciated). Now on to the meals… I was amazed at how great they tasted and the instructions were spot on. I loved them all and felt they were more nutritional than the meals filled with carbs and sugar. Thank you for a great product and I will be ordering more in the future. Keep up the great work!

David Wilhelm

I recently found your website and have order 3 different dinners. I have not tried them yet (will be taking them camping in early August). I am 4 years keto and happy to have found a freeze dried product I can enjoy, I did have a question about the Buffalo Ranch dinner. I was going to try it but the ranch packet has canola oil and maltrodextrin. Have you and your team looked into tweating the recipe to remove the canola and maltrodextrin?
Thanks and glad that you will be in stores soon.
April Kemper

April Kemper

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