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Help Us Choose Our Next Adventure!

choosing the next keto backpacking food

This year's hiking season is in full swing and we've loved seeing where our customers have been traveling! Even while we're having a blast keeping up with your summer time adventures this year, we can't help but think ahead to what the next few months have in store for us (and you!). 

Breakfasts were such a huge hit this spring that we're already brainstorming the next great addition to our healthy hiking line-up. Our test kitchen has been hard at work cooking up our newest menu options.

If you could choose, what would you love to see available on the Next Mile Meals site?

keto backpacking stir fry

Dinner for every adventure

The six meals currently available on the site are the same six freeze-dried meal dinners that fueled us on our Pacific Crest Trail thru hike, but that doesn't mean we should stop there. Some stir-fry recipes? Or maybe something with a bit more Moroccan influence? Or how about a good old-fashioned deconstructed Cheese Burger? Some more paleo backpacking meals?

keto breakfast for backpacking

MOAR Breakfasts!

Two morning meals are great, but more would be better! We've been thinking up some new backcountry recipes to start your mornings right, including a Veggie Frittata, a Greek Omelette, and we've got a few other egg scrambles up our sleeve.

  low carb no'oatmeal

Something entirely different

We've been playing around with some new recipes that are totally different, like fat bombs and keto blocks and low carb no-oat meal; options that are trail tested and camper-approved. Not everyone has the time (or the stove) to rehydrate a meal, so what other meal additions might make your hike or trip a bit easier?

Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and wishes, and you just might see those dreams become reality in time for your next adventure! 

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I’m looking forward to snacks, sweet treats,bars, cheese olives and jerky, maybe hot cereal. Keto in the backcountry will be a “ piece of cake” without coming out of ketosis

Chantil F Gilbert

I make a homemade ‘nutella’ for my son almost every week. It is a yummy condiment for many things! Roasted hazel nuts, salt, cocoa powder, psyllium powder (optional), vanilla, liquid stevia (2-3 drops), and MCT oil. Trail treats :)

Kristina Logan

This is exciting you are adding to your options!! The deconstructed burger, yes please will pickles, and Josh H suggest of a Ruben is amazing!! I vote for a ruben!! The no-oatmeal sounds good to me. Steak and Cheese maybe???

Alison Keith

I don’t need keto, just low carb (and low sodium).

For breakfast: A Veggie Frittata or Greek Omelette would be great for breakfast.

For dinner: Chicken/Beef fajitas, a reuben and/or a krautburger (if you can figure out the sauerkraut), Chicken enchiladas with salsa verde and monterey jack

Josh H

Beef stew would be amazing. I also love your deconstructed cheeseburger idea!!


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