Out of Stock

A note about current stock levels and shipping times.

It's looking a bit empty around here, right? You're probably wondering "When will [insert favorite meal] be back?"

Online shopping and shipping volumes are at an all-time high. As a result, delivery delays and longer delivery times are expected and all carriers have removed their delivery guarantees. This is true for shipments TO you, as well as our ordering of ingredients that we need to make new batches of meals.

This impact is felt across the entire supply chain, from the printers who make our packaging, to the farmers who grow our red bell peppers. We are doing our best to be flexible in our manufacturing so that we can accommodate those delays, but stock-outs happen. 

Not to mention that we recently went from small, family-run under-the-radar company to one making national news in the industry as the Best Backpacking Meal of 2021; our returning customers keep coming back and new customers are finding us for the first time. We are doing our best to keep up with this new popularity, but we're a small team. Like, a REALLY small team. And we can't be answering customer emails AND making meals in the kitchen at the same time AND asking our cheese supplier why it's taking two months to get all the cheddar we need to make a summer's worth of meals. 

All of this is to say:

If the item you want to order is "Sold Out" with no restocking date, it's because we genuinely don't have a restocking date. Maybe there was a printing issue with that packaging, or an ingredient stocked out, or our freeze-drier failed and we can't find a repairperson. Whatever the reason, do not email us to ask "when will you restock": our answer will be the same as you're seeing here.

So what can you do? Sign up on the product page to be notified the moment we restock, as restocks often sell out in a matter of minutes the moment they hit the site.

If the item you want to order is a "Pre-Order", that means we know roughly when that item will be coming out of our kitchen. But take careful note that the date is an ESTIMATE, not a GUARANTEE. Delays can still happen, but we're optimistic it won't be too far off from our initial estimate. Be flexible, and plan for delays. We strongly encourage you to shop early before any upcoming trips, to ensure that your order arrives on time. Please note any pre-orders in your carts as your order will not ship until all items are in stock and available.

We’re working closely with our shipping partners to deliver your items and our core ingredients as quickly as possible and we are doing our best to provide an accurate delivery date and restock estimate before you place your order.

We ask for your continued patience and support. Please know that we will do our part to get your order shipped to you quickly and efficiently, but delays may still occur that are outside of our control. We sincerely appreciate your business and understanding during this time.

Happy hiking!

The Next Mile Meals Team