We've Got Big News! - Next Mile Meals

We've Got Big News!

Keto backpacking meals

Whoa, it's been a hot minute. Where'd we go? What have we been up to? 

Jessie came home last fall in October, back at last after her 2,600 mile trek. She sighed and asked, "Can I NOT talk about the trail for a little bit? I need a break." She was glad to be home, happy to be around friends, and thrilled to have access to bacon and burgers, and the days of "no-trail-talk" became weeks. The weeks turned into months, and suddenly we found ourselves here, seven months later, realizing it's time to update everyone.

We may have been quiet, but it doesn't mean we haven't been busy!

We're so excited to announce that Next Mile Meals is officially taking pre-orders. Be the first in line to get any of our six meals, all of them trail-tested and thru-hiker-approved. We're on track to mail them out, arriving in your hands by July: just in time for your summer outdoor adventures.

We're so thankful to the many keto hikers out there who eagerly awaited this update and messaged us to ask questions and share their excitement. We love you all and are so happy to be a part of the ketogenic community and help make your low carb camping dreams a reality.

Do you want a more immediate way to get updates and stay involved in our mission? You can now follow us on instagram, facebook and twitter. We'll be posting many more updates there as we move ever closer to launching the company in the next few weeks.

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