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The Best Ketogenic Jerky for the Trail

Our Favorite Keto Jerky

What would a keto thru-hike be without dried meat? We provide low carb trail food options, but we happily recommend other keto-friendly products to supplement your daily menu while out on your adventure.

We experimented with many different varieties of jerky and sausage and other non‑perishable protein options while out on trail (see an example of one sample day). Here are our #trailtested recommendations:


Keto Jerky - Braatime Biltong

After months of searching for beef jerky that wasn't loaded with sugar or carbs, we found Braaitime's Biltong. They have a TON of flavors to choose from—my favorite is the Peri Peri—and unlike many other jerky options on the market, Biltong isn't marinated in sugar, but instead is air-dried for preservation. This is our top recommendation for your next hiking or camping adventure. We can't get enough of it.

Keto Jerky - Duke's

Every single day for all 2600 miles, my daily lunch included a package of Duke's Smoked Shorty Sausages. With flavors like Chorizo & Lime and Hatch Green Chile, I was able to add a bit of variety into my everyday meal plan. One package is between 1 to 3 net carbs, so these fit perfectly into my daily macros. My favorite flavor was Tomato & Basil, but that one has a few more carbs so I enjoyed it as an occasional treat.

Keto Jerky - Chomps

Individually wrapped and 100 calories per stick, CHOMPS Grass Fed Beef Jerky Snack Sticks are non-GMO and zero carb! I would routinely chop these up and put into other meals (like ours) for an extra bit of protein or roll them up in a low carb tortilla with mayo and cheese as a quick wrap.

Keto Jerky - Epic

Epic bars are another option for individually wrapped, non-perishable protein on trail. We really loved their Chicken Sriracha bars at home, though we found them too dry for day‑after‑day consumption on the trail. Still, they're a great addition for variety in your food planning.






Hopefully these are enough to get you started on your next trek! Always remember to check the nutrition information: many dried and cured meats have a ton of added sugar and carbs.

Happy hiking!

Jessie & Christopher

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  • @Rudie – You’re absolutely right! At the time this was posted, all of the commercially available pemmican recipes had fruit/berries in them which made them not suitable for a keto diet. But we’ve been meaning to take a stab at our own recipes! We’ll be sure to post when we try it ourselves.

    Next Mile Meals
  • I wonder why pemmican isn’t on your list. It is the perfect ketogenic food if it is made from grass fed animals. It is extremely nutritionally dense, keeps fresh for over a decade without cooling and can be eaten as the sole food for months on end without getting scurvy.


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