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Ever since the first day we launched Next Mile Meals, we've received emails asking when we'd start shipping to our northern neighbors. We're so excited to say... today is that day!!

A few things to note about international orders:

1) Shipping costs are quite a bit more than domestic orders, and as such we can't apply free shipping to out-of-country addresses (yet, though we're working on some options in the future). We do offer a discounted rate (which is what you'll see at checkout), as we want to help make the cross-border ordering process easier for our international customers.

2) Delivery could take a while (a week or two?), which is why we silently rolled it out with much notice; we wanted to get some feedback from folks before shouting from the rooftops. The current shipping times in checkout are simply our estimates until we have a better grasp of ETAs with more data points.

3) The site might still be glitchy with out-of-country addresses; if you experience any issues checking out, let us know! We're still working through the process.

4) The customer/recipient will be responsible for any/all import fees and taxes that your location may require.

Keep us in the loop regarding how it goes, what kind of condition the box was when it arrived, what you thought of the meals when you get them; all feedback is much appreciated as we make the process easier and better for our customers!

About Us

Next Mile Meals is a small, family-run business that came to life on the Pacific Crest Trail. This blog is our way of giving back to the hiking community; sharing our successes, our failures, and our learnings as we try to eat better, pack lighter, and go farther in our many outdoor adventures.

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  • I just discovered your product line yesterday and at that point, your website apologetically said you were not yet shipping to Canada. I sent a message asking if a date was on your radar. I was thrilled when I quickly got a reply stating that you had silently started shipping across the border. My order was placed yesterday for a sample pack and 4 separate products. I’m 6 months away from any adventure plans but I am excited that these products are going to be available to me. Thanks for your diligence in breaking down that barrier. Cheers!!

    Mark Jefkins

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