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Italian Beef Marinara

Italian Beef Marinara

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Bring your Italian restaurant favorite to the great outdoors with this delectable feast of meatball flavors, featuring ground beef in a low-carb marinara sauce, with decadent mozzarella cheese, zucchini, and a mix of Italian spices. Warning: your fellow hikers will ask you to share.

Nutrition Summary

Nutrition Facts


freeze-dried ground beef (cooked ground beef, salt, rosemary extract), freeze-dried mozzarella cheese (cultured pasteurized reduced fat milk, salt, enzymes, powdered cellulose [to prevent caking]), freeze-dried zucchini, organic spray dried tomato, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, spices

How To Make

Tear open pouch at notch and remove oxygen absorber

Bring 6–7 oz of water to a boil and pour into pouch until contents are submerged (but not swimming)

Stir contents, seal, and let your meal rehydrate for 7–10 minutes (use caution: bag can get very hot)

Open bag, stir again, and enjoy!

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    The highest protein meals on the market keeps you fueled for miles.

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    Keto Friendly

    Only 8 Net Carbs for the entire pouch? Sounds almost too good to be true (but it's for real, we promise).

  • Icon indicating this product is gluten free

    Gluten Conscious

    We use only gluten-free ingredients and our kitchen facility takes every precaution to prevent cross-contamination.

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    Soy Free

    No soy or processed junk here. We keep our label as clean as we can whenever possible.

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    Easy To Make

    Only a few ounces of water gets you from pack to spork in under ten minutes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 164 reviews
A. (Lewisville, NC)

These meals are considerably smaller than they were 2 or so years ago. Quality is not as good in my opinion. More filler veggies than fat and protein. I’ve been a victim of shrinkflation! They are barely a decent serving now. The price however has increased. I love the taste of these meals but they are not worth the price any longer. I’m sorry for the bad review but this was barely enough to fill up my 9 year old. The bags in all the ads are the larger original bags see the pictures to show the real bag size…so long next mile miles ☹️

Hey there! Our meal sizes haven't changed over the years so I'd love to find out more if there was a one-off issue with a particular item. We haven't had any issues reported by other customers, but we always want to get to the heart of the issue. Reach out to with more details (which recipe, order #, etc...) and we can look into it!

William M. (Spring, TX)
Testing Meals

I recently did a RTR hike in the Grand Canyon with my son. I eat a Keto diet normally and was ill equipped to do keto food for us both so shifted to a high carb diet while on trip. Mistake as my body just could not accommodate the new regime quickly enough to supply energy needs from carbs all of the sudden. so I have been testing these at home and using to see how I like them. All of the meals have been excellent. I even noticed that the packaging is lighter than most packs. I usually dispense with original PKG and put in freezer ziplock to save weight. Seems that these are almost same weight as zip locks and compress down similarly for packing in bear can. great meals.I won't do another trip without these meals. Definitely a game changer.

Carla T. (Portland, OR)
Just like a home cooked meal

I love the Italian Marinara...especially that I can have veggies while out backpacking! This is a necessary dinner for me when adventuring.

Jen P. (Winter Park, FL)
Savory and delicious

That is a bag full of YUM! I took this on an overnight backpacking trip and it was delicious! It was cheesy and meaty, exactly the way I like it. Great flavor profile! Well done NMM!!

Randy S. (Griffin, GA)
The Absolute Best of the Best

Of all the Next Mile Meals, Italian Beef Marinara is the one I look for when it’s time to eat. Growing up in Alaska, my dad would bring WW2 C-Rations along when we would go hunting. We kids (4 boys) would open the boxes and trade whatever we had with each other. The best was Plum Pudding (canned). I still remember the great feeling 61 years ago to score a can of plum pudding. It was awesome as an 11 year old! I feel the same way now, at 71, bird hunting in the wilds, when I pull out a meal of Italian Beef Marinara for lunch. I just know the day can’t get any better!